30 April, 2012

Win-win in tidying up

One of the things that gives me most peace is getting rid of no longer needed possessions for keep the remaining ones in shape and order. It calms
my mind and I get my things done with less distraction.
Always longing for something new there are so many things we sum up. Once realized we barely use them we store them out of sight: on the top shelf
in your closet, in the attic or cellar. Why is it so hard to get rid of these things you most likely don't need at all?
For me, it is the dislike of wasting. I feel uncomfortable throwing things away, especially if they are in good shape.

As I am moving soon there are a few things I can't bring with me. So I asked around if somebody is interested in a piece of two. It was a delight to
see how those small items cheered up the new owners. This is when I realized it actually can be fun, once considered decluttering as giving or trading. In your disposable belongings might be joy for someone else. Knowing this makes it much easier to sort things out. Try it!

29 April, 2012

Emma's Apartment

Looks familiar? You might have spotted it in "One Day". I went to the movies in fall 2011 and couldn't stop thinking about the french apartment of the actress until I finally found a picture. How lovely would it be to live inside this set, designed by Dominic Capon?

28 April, 2012

Speed Folding.

Some people enjoy doing their laundry. I do. The fresh smell of the clothes while taking them out of the washing machine, watching your clothes lively move with the wind while they are drying on the line and spreading the flavor of your detergent, or simply the process of getting something dirty clean again can be satisfying. Others however don't like it at all. Whatever side you take, it happens we are in hurry and wish to speed it up. Here is your way out!

27 April, 2012

My latest purchase

See my beautiful new laptop sleeve! Isn't it awesome?
Do you remember when I declared to pay more attention of long lasting items? This beautiful outfit can make it for years, if my laptop is up for that as well. It is made by the talented Keching from aquilafashions based in Singapore. Not only did I finally get a sustainable case for my Laptop, it is also custom made to the unusual size of my computer and fits perfectly. Love it!

26 April, 2012


Interiors I like most are rooms with lots of light, in terms of huge windows letting daylight inside as well as light colors and mirrors, spreading it even more. It is nice when daylight steps inside our homes. Leading to an up-regulation in hormone production it has indeed a positive impact on our health.
Did you know lightness rises the body's level of seratonin which has a positive impact on our mood? Another benefit of sunlight is its ability to boost the body’s vitamin D supply, which indeed is highly protective. It plays an important role in calcium metabolism and helps sustaining a strong immune system. Doesn't that sound great?
However reality shows most of us don't really spend much time outside. Think about your own habits: when you get your groceries, do you walk or take the car? How about getting to work, wouldn't it be possible to replace the subway by bike? I have my times when I decide from now on to use my bike only, for everything! Such overall changes hardly work out well, and still in some cases it is also unavoidable to do so.

Being aware of the benefits is a first step though. Going shades-free in the daylight, even for just 10–15 minutes, could confer significant health benefits and cheer you up. That is something that could possible work, right?

24 April, 2012


I guess most of you have had to switch location for at least once. Leaving the place you call your home is one thing, leaving familiar surroundings, friends and family for moving to a different city is another. Think about how it feels crossing border: facing a foreign culture, language, working environment or even social hostility.
There are so many people out there emigrating, we can notice that everyday we walk through the streets, but do you really know how massive the flow is? On peoplemov.in you can not only check out that but also where most of your fellow citizens move to.

The good thing about moving is that you are in for innovation: you decide which things to give away, you can start new habits and create a new home.

22 April, 2012


A good bread only needs three ingredients: flour, water and salt.

If you happen to be in Berlin check out Malins breadexchange.
Her adventures into the world of baking sourdough once began out of need for healthy delicious bread. After doing an internship at Lars 
Gustavssons bakery she found herself in a high speed bread production in her Berlin flat, always longing for development, producing more than 
she could eat herself. As people naturally gave her things in return for her bread she started to trade her yeast-free Swedish sourdough bread.

21 April, 2012

Sustainability in our daily life

“The most sensitive approach toward a sustainable life is to eliminate waste by acquiring 

stuff that lasts.”  (by Architect Andrea Lenardin Madden)

How right she is. I am going with it in terms of kitchen tools and decoration elements. Glas, wood, stone, 
leather, cotton and metal utensils might be more expensive, but at the end they last much longer than plastic 
ones. After all, isn't it more beautiful to look at and to touch as well?

After reading her quote I was wondering where I have deficits to work on and came to the conclusion to just pay 
more attention in daily life. Aren't all those little helpers partly synthetic? This is where I am going to start with:
my long time needing laptop sleeve will be made of a natural, lasting good.

20 April, 2012


I'd like to welcome everybody and hope you enjoy what I think is worth
to share. Let's see how it works out with us, alright? ;-) Have a good day.