21 April, 2012

Sustainability in our daily life

“The most sensitive approach toward a sustainable life is to eliminate waste by acquiring 

stuff that lasts.”  (by Architect Andrea Lenardin Madden)

How right she is. I am going with it in terms of kitchen tools and decoration elements. Glas, wood, stone, 
leather, cotton and metal utensils might be more expensive, but at the end they last much longer than plastic 
ones. After all, isn't it more beautiful to look at and to touch as well?

After reading her quote I was wondering where I have deficits to work on and came to the conclusion to just pay 
more attention in daily life. Aren't all those little helpers partly synthetic? This is where I am going to start with:
my long time needing laptop sleeve will be made of a natural, lasting good.

1 comment:

  1. that's so true!
    if you cant minimise the waste at least by long-lasting things!
    I have a lovely giveaway here if you wanna treat yourself