17 November, 2013

Holes of Happiness.

I am riding the bike every day: to school, for run errands, for an afternoon coffee with a friend. It is the only
transportation I am using within the town and I do enjoy to be outside at least twice a day, no matter how
cold or wet it might be.

For my postgraduate studies I am living in a town now which has streets like this:

The potholes make it more of a challenge to get save to the place you want to go. So when I found out about
the pothole gardener I felt I had to share this video, just because I think it is a sweet idea.

10 November, 2013

Wrong choices.

Sometimes I find it hard to keep on track in order to follow my overall goal. With the current economic
circumstances a good university degree gets more important than ever. At the moment, however, it does not
feel good at all, but way too much.

Where is my umbrella to cover me? Is it good to make your decisions only in the hope of reaching your overall
goal at some point? Shouldn't be the way towards it feel right, too? Somewhere, deep buried,
I still think every experience will be of importance, and if only to find out what is not good
for you. May the following saying be right. Let's stay strong and hope for the best.

03 November, 2013


I started my postgraduate studies in Scotland. Learning how to fit in into a new culture, paired with a great 
landscape and one of UK's best universities sounded good to me. Now I find myself more busy than ever.

What about all the journeys to the highlands I pictured? How about all the afternoons I hoped spending at the 
seaside? Alright, sometimes we just have to get things done, putting all the pleasure activities aside but at 
the same time it is absolutely necessary to take a break once a while and to reward yourself with a little 
something to be able to keep up. Let me remind you to treat yourself to something special. Why not today?