18 February, 2013

Spare time.

People act different in their spare time. We walk slowier, enjoying the weather, the architecture and nature
they are surrounded by, and are more thoughtful in general. This is what I observed in the people, especially
the tourists, by living in the oldtown in Heidelberg.
I like putting aside the busy attiude for once, giving the little things more attention. That is probably why I
always did enjoy my student side jobs in the cinema or a pub way more than the office jobs with greater
regard to my current studies. So I decided to do more of what makes me happy and waiter in a beautiful small
Italian café.

What makes you happy? Are you trying to fulfill somebody else's expectations? Do you spend enough time doing
what you like best?
Like this:

01 February, 2013

Freshen up home.

I got myself a bunch of flowers! There are so beautiful, didn't cost a lot but make me smile about 193 times a
These days I am packed with work that need to get done. Thus the pink beautys went right on my desk. They
peek over my screen, spread the sweet-fresh scent across the room and during every break I notice the
blossoms have opened a little further.
Especially during winter time, when Christmas has passed and one is ready for milder climate to come I like
to bring a whiff of spring in my home. How about you?