24 December, 2013

Merry Christmas!

02 December, 2013


I love nature. Well, who doesn't, right?
For me, however, it is a really big part of my life. I believe, spending time outside in an untouched
environment is one of the best things to do to find inner peace. It is stunning how I at least always need a
few minutes to adapt, calm down and put all the thoughts and sorrows aside, while start watching how busy
life is out there. Even at the highest spots I have been, there were always some small insects or birds
fighting their way through. It is funny how it seems so much easier at first, but in fact, it always makes me
realize that this is, what it is really all about. Surviving, in the first place, and enjoying life at the fullest,
followed right after!

At the moment I am fighting a battle trying to be join an awesome trip through the artic north. Unfortunately,
I signed up late, so there is only one week left to compete with all the others. I do not really expect to win.
But a girl can dream, right? And if I make it, I will be fighting the cold and make it all the way through!

Any support would be highly appreciated!

17 November, 2013

Holes of Happiness.

I am riding the bike every day: to school, for run errands, for an afternoon coffee with a friend. It is the only
transportation I am using within the town and I do enjoy to be outside at least twice a day, no matter how
cold or wet it might be.

For my postgraduate studies I am living in a town now which has streets like this:

The potholes make it more of a challenge to get save to the place you want to go. So when I found out about
the pothole gardener I felt I had to share this video, just because I think it is a sweet idea.

10 November, 2013

Wrong choices.

Sometimes I find it hard to keep on track in order to follow my overall goal. With the current economic
circumstances a good university degree gets more important than ever. At the moment, however, it does not
feel good at all, but way too much.

Where is my umbrella to cover me? Is it good to make your decisions only in the hope of reaching your overall
goal at some point? Shouldn't be the way towards it feel right, too? Somewhere, deep buried,
I still think every experience will be of importance, and if only to find out what is not good
for you. May the following saying be right. Let's stay strong and hope for the best.

03 November, 2013


I started my postgraduate studies in Scotland. Learning how to fit in into a new culture, paired with a great 
landscape and one of UK's best universities sounded good to me. Now I find myself more busy than ever.

What about all the journeys to the highlands I pictured? How about all the afternoons I hoped spending at the 
seaside? Alright, sometimes we just have to get things done, putting all the pleasure activities aside but at 
the same time it is absolutely necessary to take a break once a while and to reward yourself with a little 
something to be able to keep up. Let me remind you to treat yourself to something special. Why not today?

04 September, 2013


I just received my certificates and finished college for good!
How great is that? Now it's..

01 June, 2013


It is healthier choice. Maybe it is not always the best, for everybody, but it is for me. Is there something
else as a nice, freshly made cup of tea just for you if you feel blue?

The special feature is the ceremony: picking out the leaves, boiling the water, filling up the cup,
watching the water slowly changing its color and the flavor spreading across the room. You cannot get
that from coffee. When the tea has finally cooled down you feel the hot liquid running down the throat
right into the stomach, where it develops a gentle heating up process. Alright - this, coffee serves, too.

Anyway, these days have been unusual cold and rainy. We are all awaiting summer, and I am forcing it
to finally come by banning all the warm clothes. Thus the tea is a must to keep me warm. What are your
strategies to deal with this situation?

30 May, 2013


Wow, guys, can you believe it? It is almost two months since the last blog entry. And still
the blog statistic shows there are some wonderful people stopping by, even though I have
not published anything for such a long period. Thank you so much. That really keeps me
And in fact there is a reason for my absence. I am in the midst of writing my thesis and
the due date is coming close. With that the questioning has started, too: What is next?
What will be once I graduaded? Where do I see myself working afterwards? Setting high
standards to both myself and my environment there are tons of requirements I would
love a future working environment to be like. On the other hand, would it not be better
to continue with my academic career subsequently?
All the questioning and researching did not made it easier. Life is full of opportunities,
in case you haven't noticed. Me, however, I ended up worrying. Worrying and at the
same time driving all my beloved ones I asked for advice almost crazy.

Things rarely turn out the way you expect. Would it not be better to just take things as
they come? If a decision cannot be made right away, why forcing it? Why do we put such
a pressure on ourself that we would never put on somebody else?

I am not sure what is the best decision making strategy. But I learned one thing:

True that.
The challenge now is to apply.

22 March, 2013

Boxes all over.

And again I am packing.. how often have I done this these last couple of years? Oh yeah, it the 12th time
within the last 5 years. Well, let's say, I am not one of the steady ones. Lately, things seem to turn boring
more easily ever after. Have you ever happen to experience such an attitude on yourself?
However, I hope you excuse my absence lately as I have already cancelled my Internet contract and actually
start to enjoy the quiet evenings.

With I am filling my brand new boxes, the shelves getting empty and nostalgia sneaking up, I am replacing
my tea with the last bottle of wine I was saving for a special occasion. À votre santé!

18 February, 2013

Spare time.

People act different in their spare time. We walk slowier, enjoying the weather, the architecture and nature
they are surrounded by, and are more thoughtful in general. This is what I observed in the people, especially
the tourists, by living in the oldtown in Heidelberg.
I like putting aside the busy attiude for once, giving the little things more attention. That is probably why I
always did enjoy my student side jobs in the cinema or a pub way more than the office jobs with greater
regard to my current studies. So I decided to do more of what makes me happy and waiter in a beautiful small
Italian café.

What makes you happy? Are you trying to fulfill somebody else's expectations? Do you spend enough time doing
what you like best?
Like this:

01 February, 2013

Freshen up home.

I got myself a bunch of flowers! There are so beautiful, didn't cost a lot but make me smile about 193 times a
These days I am packed with work that need to get done. Thus the pink beautys went right on my desk. They
peek over my screen, spread the sweet-fresh scent across the room and during every break I notice the
blossoms have opened a little further.
Especially during winter time, when Christmas has passed and one is ready for milder climate to come I like
to bring a whiff of spring in my home. How about you?

21 January, 2013


I love my sewing machine! Do you, too? Especially during the cold season when one does spend so much more time inside I like
to put it out and sew the hell away. A small person like me has so many clothes to adjust, and I never really get the chance to do
it. However, once I built it up I don't stop until everything is tight and nice again.
Trying to live a sustainable life that sewing machine actually is a great help. If something breaks it can be fixed it instead of
purchasing a new item. Or clothes I don't wear anymore I store for giving them another purpose by transforming them into
something new, like gloves I made out of an old scarf. It is very satisfying being able to repair things on your own and to create
something in general. I am very grateful my mom introduced me to her hobby. Even if you do not like to sew or don't have a
sewing machine, the spirit of giving not longer used item a new purpose is something one can transform on many things.

17 January, 2013

Lactose intolerance.

Just recently I discovered my body doesn't get along well with milk, so it is going to be cut from now on. As it
is a popular staple food in western countries it is not as easy to substitute. I tried to replace it with soy milk
first. Many people consume soy milk nowadays, right? It doesn't work for me though, at the very least not with
the morning oats. Gradually you can get used to a lot of things. Well, I won't get too close with this one, I
suppose. Then of course there is the lactose-free milk. Have you tried it? It also does taste different: sweet in
a way, I would say. So it works with a lot of things, like (rice) pudding, mhhh. Yet I don't like my coffee to
taste sweet.
There are so many people out there in the world who would be happy by having any of these, to survive! Me,
however, I am picky with what suites me most. Sometimes I cannot believe how crazy the world actually is,
and how I am part of it. It is so easy to narrow on our own small problems without thinking about the even
bigger ones. Once in a while it might be good to remind oneself about that.
In relation to these I can and shall be lucky to have access to clean water and drink (black) tea instead. It is
the healthier choice anyway.

12 January, 2013


...just makes you feel good. While it is cold and wet outside, I like to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in my
home with lots of tea and great music. I'd like to share this song I just rediscovered and am listening over and
over again.