01 June, 2013


It is healthier choice. Maybe it is not always the best, for everybody, but it is for me. Is there something
else as a nice, freshly made cup of tea just for you if you feel blue?

The special feature is the ceremony: picking out the leaves, boiling the water, filling up the cup,
watching the water slowly changing its color and the flavor spreading across the room. You cannot get
that from coffee. When the tea has finally cooled down you feel the hot liquid running down the throat
right into the stomach, where it develops a gentle heating up process. Alright - this, coffee serves, too.

Anyway, these days have been unusual cold and rainy. We are all awaiting summer, and I am forcing it
to finally come by banning all the warm clothes. Thus the tea is a must to keep me warm. What are your
strategies to deal with this situation?

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