30 July, 2012


Is there something more satisfying than growing your own food? Not is it healthy to spend some time outside at every weather, it
also feels great to be able to walk in your garden and get some fresh, healthy food for dinner, especially in times of preservatives 
and genetic engineering being more and more criticized.
When it is sunny and hot I love to pick seasoned berries, some to eat directly and some to make a fresh fruity dessert or cake. 
You can almost hear a "thank you" and a gasp of relief when you remove the heavy weight from the shrub. Happy gardening!

29 July, 2012

Global warming.

These days I do experience global warming! The weather is just strange. It is either too hot, like it has been 
during spring, or now, in the midst of summer, there is no sun and moderate temperature not at all. Add 80%
humidity and strong winds, and you've created the environments where I am sitting in front of the wooden 
oven at the end of July. 
After living a year close by the equator I am ready to leave to a milder environment, but I did not quite expect 
a cold, wet summer like this. I personally think these are the first signals of the changing climate world wide.
Let's hope I am wrong.

15 July, 2012

Strawberry picking

Do you like strawberries? I love them. For me they are a symbol that summer finally has arrived and we are
about to start an awesome season with tons of different fruits and vegetables.

There is a strawberry field close by and I definitely want to go there to fill my basket.
It reminds me of my childhood, when I have gone there with my mom. I loved hopping over the rows to
find the best spot and eat as much as I can of the sweet and sour fruit. You only pick the fruits which seems
suitable for you and enjoy the silence and satisfaction of what you are doing. It still feels really good to me. 
If you have the chance to pick some on your own try it, you might like it as well!

09 July, 2012

No more paper please.

Do you know how much paper we are using every day? 

Small notes, documents, the daily newspaper is just one thing, but how about all the advertisement: leaflets,  
flyer, receipts, packaging and wrapping which directly find its way to the rubbish? Mostly it is more annoying
than necessary. 
As I have spent these past months in South-East Asia I found out more about the problems within the paper 
industry, especially in Indonesia. As a consequence I declared myself to save paper whenever possible. 

A lot of people have traded their cellphone for a smartphone lately. We are checking it regularly anyway, why 
not taking our notes there? Besides is it really necessary to print out every receipt, the monthly statement of
account, or all the other documents when the trend is towards digitizing everything? 

01 July, 2012

In the garden.

It's getting hot and hotter, and there is nothing else which pleases me more than spending the day out in the 
garden. There are so many things to do: whether it is having a nice picnic and nap afterwards in the shadow, 
listening to the birds songs and the bugs buzzing, watching an ant making its way up a blade of grass, or just
gardening - it all calms the mind in a wonderful way.