29 July, 2012

Global warming.

These days I do experience global warming! The weather is just strange. It is either too hot, like it has been 
during spring, or now, in the midst of summer, there is no sun and moderate temperature not at all. Add 80%
humidity and strong winds, and you've created the environments where I am sitting in front of the wooden 
oven at the end of July. 
After living a year close by the equator I am ready to leave to a milder environment, but I did not quite expect 
a cold, wet summer like this. I personally think these are the first signals of the changing climate world wide.
Let's hope I am wrong.

1 comment:

  1. I made totally diffrent experiences: Really hot summerdays and not cooling down over the night the last 4-6 weeks. [Exept of some single rainy days.] Perhaps it's just the region you live in? :)