29 August, 2012


Even though many people don't want summer to come to an end, I believe to recognize fall is gently beginning.
It is not hot anymore, but still comfy outside with mild temperatures and a light breeze that reminds you to
enjoy every last summer moment.
With my summer break is almost over I am packing my stuff again, so is the squirrel which crossed my way
today: while it was rushing through the garden to collect nuts for winter, I picked plums and apples for the cake.
How peacefully that time is.

04 August, 2012


I am a strong believer in karma. 
Being not sure about rewarding good actions I do believe that wrongful acts come back to haunt us. It might not happen as 
soon as we'd expect, and we might not be able to see the tantalizer getting his or her revenge, but eventually those who are 
mean-spirited get theirs. 
I think it is no question of who and how to judge what's right and wrong, but there will be the time when reckless people will 
come to their senses all by themselves. They will question their actions and start thinking about people they have hurt. By
then they might realize the impact of such acts and feel sorry. 
But how to get rid of that feeling, when you start blaming your actions? Imagine, always knowing you have been the one 
behaving like you did it will not be easy to stop worrying and just feel good about yourself again. I think that's fair. The only 
thing that makes those guys getting a peaceful mind is to start living on the good side.

Yes, everything does catch up with us. At least that is want I like to believe in. It is not us who have to bother all the judging 
and taking revenge - at the end people will come to their senses. Let's stay on the good side of life!