21 January, 2013


I love my sewing machine! Do you, too? Especially during the cold season when one does spend so much more time inside I like
to put it out and sew the hell away. A small person like me has so many clothes to adjust, and I never really get the chance to do
it. However, once I built it up I don't stop until everything is tight and nice again.
Trying to live a sustainable life that sewing machine actually is a great help. If something breaks it can be fixed it instead of
purchasing a new item. Or clothes I don't wear anymore I store for giving them another purpose by transforming them into
something new, like gloves I made out of an old scarf. It is very satisfying being able to repair things on your own and to create
something in general. I am very grateful my mom introduced me to her hobby. Even if you do not like to sew or don't have a
sewing machine, the spirit of giving not longer used item a new purpose is something one can transform on many things.

17 January, 2013

Lactose intolerance.

Just recently I discovered my body doesn't get along well with milk, so it is going to be cut from now on. As it
is a popular staple food in western countries it is not as easy to substitute. I tried to replace it with soy milk
first. Many people consume soy milk nowadays, right? It doesn't work for me though, at the very least not with
the morning oats. Gradually you can get used to a lot of things. Well, I won't get too close with this one, I
suppose. Then of course there is the lactose-free milk. Have you tried it? It also does taste different: sweet in
a way, I would say. So it works with a lot of things, like (rice) pudding, mhhh. Yet I don't like my coffee to
taste sweet.
There are so many people out there in the world who would be happy by having any of these, to survive! Me,
however, I am picky with what suites me most. Sometimes I cannot believe how crazy the world actually is,
and how I am part of it. It is so easy to narrow on our own small problems without thinking about the even
bigger ones. Once in a while it might be good to remind oneself about that.
In relation to these I can and shall be lucky to have access to clean water and drink (black) tea instead. It is
the healthier choice anyway.

12 January, 2013


...just makes you feel good. While it is cold and wet outside, I like to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in my
home with lots of tea and great music. I'd like to share this song I just rediscovered and am listening over and
over again.