24 December, 2013

Merry Christmas!

02 December, 2013


I love nature. Well, who doesn't, right?
For me, however, it is a really big part of my life. I believe, spending time outside in an untouched
environment is one of the best things to do to find inner peace. It is stunning how I at least always need a
few minutes to adapt, calm down and put all the thoughts and sorrows aside, while start watching how busy
life is out there. Even at the highest spots I have been, there were always some small insects or birds
fighting their way through. It is funny how it seems so much easier at first, but in fact, it always makes me
realize that this is, what it is really all about. Surviving, in the first place, and enjoying life at the fullest,
followed right after!

At the moment I am fighting a battle trying to be join an awesome trip through the artic north. Unfortunately,
I signed up late, so there is only one week left to compete with all the others. I do not really expect to win.
But a girl can dream, right? And if I make it, I will be fighting the cold and make it all the way through!

Any support would be highly appreciated!