09 July, 2012

No more paper please.

Do you know how much paper we are using every day? 

Small notes, documents, the daily newspaper is just one thing, but how about all the advertisement: leaflets,  
flyer, receipts, packaging and wrapping which directly find its way to the rubbish? Mostly it is more annoying
than necessary. 
As I have spent these past months in South-East Asia I found out more about the problems within the paper 
industry, especially in Indonesia. As a consequence I declared myself to save paper whenever possible. 

A lot of people have traded their cellphone for a smartphone lately. We are checking it regularly anyway, why 
not taking our notes there? Besides is it really necessary to print out every receipt, the monthly statement of
account, or all the other documents when the trend is towards digitizing everything? 


  1. Thanks for that inspirational note!

  2. In the high-rise building I live in there is a trash can just next to the mailboxes where most of the ads and free-papers find their peace. It's awful to see how much rubbish we produce day by day =( but how can we stop it? Most ads are not addressed but just land in every mailbox ... :-/