30 May, 2013


Wow, guys, can you believe it? It is almost two months since the last blog entry. And still
the blog statistic shows there are some wonderful people stopping by, even though I have
not published anything for such a long period. Thank you so much. That really keeps me
And in fact there is a reason for my absence. I am in the midst of writing my thesis and
the due date is coming close. With that the questioning has started, too: What is next?
What will be once I graduaded? Where do I see myself working afterwards? Setting high
standards to both myself and my environment there are tons of requirements I would
love a future working environment to be like. On the other hand, would it not be better
to continue with my academic career subsequently?
All the questioning and researching did not made it easier. Life is full of opportunities,
in case you haven't noticed. Me, however, I ended up worrying. Worrying and at the
same time driving all my beloved ones I asked for advice almost crazy.

Things rarely turn out the way you expect. Would it not be better to just take things as
they come? If a decision cannot be made right away, why forcing it? Why do we put such
a pressure on ourself that we would never put on somebody else?

I am not sure what is the best decision making strategy. But I learned one thing:

True that.
The challenge now is to apply.

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