01 February, 2013

Freshen up home.

I got myself a bunch of flowers! There are so beautiful, didn't cost a lot but make me smile about 193 times a
These days I am packed with work that need to get done. Thus the pink beautys went right on my desk. They
peek over my screen, spread the sweet-fresh scent across the room and during every break I notice the
blossoms have opened a little further.
Especially during winter time, when Christmas has passed and one is ready for milder climate to come I like
to bring a whiff of spring in my home. How about you?


  1. That sound's like a good idea: A beautiful "living" flower when you have to work very hard - as the air normally starts to get "old" and the quality of the food decrease as there is no time to make delicious food ... and the nights get longer ... at least you have a piece of nature on your desk too for contrast! :)