24 April, 2012


I guess most of you have had to switch location for at least once. Leaving the place you call your home is one thing, leaving familiar surroundings, friends and family for moving to a different city is another. Think about how it feels crossing border: facing a foreign culture, language, working environment or even social hostility.
There are so many people out there emigrating, we can notice that everyday we walk through the streets, but do you really know how massive the flow is? On peoplemov.in you can not only check out that but also where most of your fellow citizens move to.

The good thing about moving is that you are in for innovation: you decide which things to give away, you can start new habits and create a new home.

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  1. That is exactly how I feel about it. We easily seem to move to different places, but still we are so connected to where we come from. But actually that's a good thing! Look forward to more posts from you! Verena