30 April, 2012

Win-win in tidying up

One of the things that gives me most peace is getting rid of no longer needed possessions for keep the remaining ones in shape and order. It calms
my mind and I get my things done with less distraction.
Always longing for something new there are so many things we sum up. Once realized we barely use them we store them out of sight: on the top shelf
in your closet, in the attic or cellar. Why is it so hard to get rid of these things you most likely don't need at all?
For me, it is the dislike of wasting. I feel uncomfortable throwing things away, especially if they are in good shape.

As I am moving soon there are a few things I can't bring with me. So I asked around if somebody is interested in a piece of two. It was a delight to
see how those small items cheered up the new owners. This is when I realized it actually can be fun, once considered decluttering as giving or trading. In your disposable belongings might be joy for someone else. Knowing this makes it much easier to sort things out. Try it!