04 May, 2012


These last days have been quite busy with packing and goodbyes. As I have mentioned in one of my last posts I am in the midst of preparing for my move. It is not only switching the apartment but also leaving the country and city which has been my home for the past months, and the people who have made it so. Suddenly everything seems so nice and peaceful, once you are about to leave, even though there have been several struggles, too.
Why do good-byes always have to be so hard and sad?
The good thing is no one telling you it has to be that way. Who wants to leave full of memories of your beloved friends crying? It's your choice, in fact why not make the last day together a happy one full of laughter to take lots of joyful memories with you and keep them close.


  1. Oh wow, i cant imagine moving countries, must be a really brave move. All the best!! X

    1. Thanks for that sweet comment and welcome here, Lola! It feels good getting to know my readers. ;)
      Even thought I am actually only moving back to my homecountry now I guess it might feel a little strange, too, after all these months abroad. But it's worth it! :)