09 May, 2012

Air traffic

These days I experience quite a cosmopolitan life, flying from one great spot to another, thus posting this
rarely. This is a little stressful with coming home to my place that is mostly in boxes now for the upcoming
move, washing, repacking and rushing off again, but it is also very exciting. I even get a routine with
choosing no layered clothing you have to remove for the security check, as well as avoiding a belt, clips in
my hair and coins in my pockets that cause the peep for a second check.
On my way to the airport I always pass an advertisement from HSBC stating that there are 500.000 people
in the air at any moment. This seems quite a huge number for me but reasonable if you think about the
falling prices for tickets. Here you can see a simulation of the air traffic within 24hours. Isn't it impressing
how busy it is up there?