13 May, 2012

The ideal?

I am kind of living the dream right now. About one year ago I moved to South-East-Asia, where I find myself in a consistently 30°C environment, passing palms on my way home, accompanied by colourful chatty birds and the smell of joss sticks while I am rushing for not getting caught by the strong but warm tropical rain which always comes by surprise.
Only a few hours drive are the most beautiful white beaches, surrounded with crystalline clear water and fishes in all colours you can imagine. If you put your head underwater you hear a cracking noise which comes from the fish lively nibbling at corals. While you are exploring the island by jungle hiking, both, you and the monitor lizard get a small stroke when you meet for the first time. These spots still are so peaceful that you do feel overwhelmed by the beauty of nature.

Still you don’t have to worry about safety, hygiene or lowering you living standards living in the one rapidly developed state of this area – Singapore.
Even though I should be having the time of my life I found myself struggling several times. Being exposed to another environment I realized how strong the tie is to the norms I grew up with, and how I miss them here: freedom of opinion and choice, practicing a responsible attitude to one another and to the environment, just to name a few. In the long term the pleasant environs couldn’t cover the need of those crucial things. Most of my Asian friends however prefer it this paternalistic way. They feel cared of and secure. How different things look if you change perspective. How about stepping out and shifting your viewpoint for today?

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  1. I love your posts!! Thank you for brightening my day!!