31 May, 2012

Speak up!

It has been a while since the last post. So sorry for the long pause! Sometimes you feel no inspiration at all,
or non you think is worth to share.

There have been unspoken things in my life lately. Sometimes you have to sit it out as time makes you forget
about it, but there are others which you better talk about to get peace in your mind, right? If only it would be
that easy!
But once you have been brave enough to start that scary topic you almost always end up being rewarded for it.
At least that is what I experienced so far. Clearing the mind and knowing the facts I have finally stopped
wondering, start seeing the nice side of life again, which does seem even more bright after a "dark" period,
and got back my spirit, yeah!

I hope you guys keep focusing on the bright side of life! There are not many things which are worth to change
that focus anyway.

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