04 June, 2012

Family roles.

Somehow everybody grows into a certain role within his or her family: one is either the rebellious one or the
clown, or known for his boundless energy (...). It is hard to ever break out while living at home.

Once we have grown up and moved out we get rid of that stereotype and live happily ever after - until we
spend a few days with our beloved family. Suddenly we find ourselves being pushed back into the old role:
the stubborn boy or the sensitive girl is what you might be called lovingly. How does it happen again and again,
and mostly without us even noticing? Is it a phenomenon all over the world?

Have you ever tried to change your role? So far I have not succeeded. Maybe this is because there is a
unique relationship with the family that is different from the one with others. We have never chosen the
person who has become our father or mother, so haven't they had the chance to make a choice.
Nevertheless there is a special bond from the very first moment which is always there. It might be that's why
the family doesn't judge the way others do, it does not turn away as friends might do but loves you unlimited
and supports you not matter what. There is not such a thing which is that sure, and it feels so good to know

The next family reunion I better focus on that and don't worry about giving them the annual jokes or
arguments they are waiting for anyway. How about you?

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