28 June, 2012

Home office.

Have you ever tried working from your apartment? Doesn't it sound awesome, being in the nice environment you've created once just the way 
you like it, having food and drinks and all the other stuff right next to you. You even don't have to dress properly but can stay all day long in 
your favourite old hoodie.

These days I spend at home, and I had to notice it is not all good. Most people think when you are at home you have the day off. Even 
though I am telling there is actually work to get done there are still small demands dropping in "as you are at home anyway". 

It could be amazing though, I think. Imagine a studio like this at your place

On the other hand, who wants to stay alone all day, never leaving the house and not dressing up? I sure would miss the daily chat with 
coworkers who have become friends during these years. There is not such a thing than a faithful colleague, isn't it?
It might be a good idea to show them from time to time how much we do appreciate their company. You can't go wrong with this. The relation 
might simply happen to become even stronger. Try it! 

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  1. As a student I also work much from my apartment - and I agree - its definitely not that nice as it sounds :-)