02 February, 2015


The fact that clothes are offered for a bargain in stores of "the western world" are undeniable at the expense of the garment
workers has been recognised ever since the terrible accidents in Bangladesh have drawn attention at the latest. Still, many of
us find ourselves challenged to take these circumstances into consideration when we are shopping for clothes. On the one hand,
there is only a handful suppliers offering "fair clothing", which limits the range of products on offer by quite a bit. On the other
hand, we might have a restained budget that limits our choice of purchases.
The obvious choice would be to buy less, but better. However, this, too, is not possible for everybody.

So if you find ourself in a similar struggle, why not taking into account end-of-season-sales of the shops that incorporate social
and environmental concerns? It is a bit of a hassle but this way you can make sure to not compromise your values for clothing
and fashion.

After all, wouldn't you agree that it is much nicer to
have a clear wardrobe of good, high quality clothes
rather than a stuffed one of cheap "death clothes",
which does not allow you to keep track of what you
actually possess? The first scenario sounds much
more satisfying to me. 


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