28 January, 2015

Background: starting with yourself

My wish for a transformation has started with my realising that the world is not perfect. There is unfairness,
suffering and the like we cannot turn a blind eye to. I am conviced that our happiness is directly linked and
thus dependent on the wellbeing of our surrounding, amongst other factors, i.e.
myhappiness = f (world's wellbeing)
It is thusly that we cannot fully ignore the bad practices around us, even if we wish to. Therefore, some of us
feel the urge of making the world a better place.

In order to contribute my share to the improvement of the existing structures, I engaged politically at first but
got discouraged seeing that we progessed rather slowly, before I decided to align my career towards to huge
topic of "sustainable development". With the proper degree from a reputable university at hand I came to
realise that still it is not quite that easy to get started, no matter how bad to want to be engaged. There are
not that many organisations out there who are in for true sustainability, even though there are a few that like
parts of the idea, nor are there many such jobs. So what I did is, I have started at the very smallest possible
entity for any change and improvements: I started with myself.

Nowadays, I think it is the only possible way to get started. If you want to change the world, start with yourself.
Try to live life to your own standards. It sounds easy while in fact it is challenging! Where you aware of how
high you have set your standards? Start with small steps applying your ideas and ideals to your everyday's
life. One after the other. The longer I think about it I came to realise an actually very simple truth: doctrine
is not guaranteed to be a longlasting approach, especially if people feel forced into any change. Exemplifying,
however, could be. That is, if people get impressed and hooked enough so that they want to try out, and
eventually even adopt, some of these ideas or practices themselves.

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  1. True that! I think living up to your own expectations also contributes to one's happiness, since you then know that you're doing the right thing, which in turn enhances one's appreciation for the things around us :)