19 April, 2016

Simple natural cleaning devices.

Hi there, 
the other day, when I have been exercising by scrubbing the bath tub I must have spilled a little of the bath cleaner on my paths and within seconds the cosy pants I have been wearing were damaged. The spot where the cleaner dropped onto was bleached within seconds. My partners favourite cosy pants, which he bought in China and thus for him was like a souvenir was ruined and he was not amused. This made me thinking, if the cleaner finds his way that quickly through a pair of pants, what would it do if it touches my skin, and to the fish in the sea, where it will end up eventually?

So while I have been looking for alternative products, I came across baking soda, vinegar and lemon! In my opinion, these natural ingredients work well for common household cleaning situations. They kill bacteria,leaving a clean, sparkling surface and you do not have to deal with the artificial smell anymore.
While baking soda makes a great scrub for situations where an abrasive cleaner is needed, the combination of baking soda and vinegar is great for a drain cleaner (just let it sit for 15min before flusing). Vinegar by itself works wonders for glass surfaces. But for me the best discovery has been to apply lemon. Since I do like to use lemon for cooking and to give my hot or cold water a little bit of a extra twist, there is quite some squeezed out lemon leftover. So far, it always went to the composter, but now I am applying it on my kitchen and bath surfaces first! You can use the inside of the squeezed out lemon as well as the outside for a little more persistent spots. Just let the rubbed lemon sit for a minute or two, and wash it away with water. It has a descaling effect, which is a blessing for such hard water as we have here, and leaves a clean, germ-free, sparkling surface that also smells really nice!

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