23 December, 2012

Christmas present.

You need another Christmas present and have no glue 
what to get for that special person? Here is a last
minute Christmas present that can be made in less than 
15 minutes and does not require some fancy ingredients 
- you probably may have them all at home anyway. 

Chocolate hazelnut creme liqueur:

* 2 spoons of black coffee
* 200ml rum
* 150g chocolate hazelnut spread
* 150g nonperishable creme
* a little bit of cinnamon
* 50g marzipan (or sugar)
* vanilla pulp of a vanilla pod (Alright, that is somehow 
fancy one might not have at home. You can leave it 

Mix all the ingredients, leave the marzipan, cinnamon 
and vanilla pulp if you prefer. If you are going to use
sugar instead of marzipan it might be good to heat it up
a little for the sugar to dissolve. Bottle it and store it in 
the fridge. You can drink it right away or leave it for at 
least 1 day in the fridge for the liqueur to absorb the 
flavors. Shake it before serving and consume within 
approximately 2 weeks.

Watch out, you might get tipsy adjusting the taste. ;-)

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