11 December, 2012


For me advent just feels right. It is hopefully white and fresh outside and nice and warm in the inside, with
some chocolate and maybe even a cup of mulled wine waiting for you. We, or some of us, start decorating our
houses with Christmas decor we have collected over the years. Sometimes it feels good to keep up traditions.
This time of the year reminds me of my childhood days. Do you also get happy like a child if you set up the
Christmas tree? It is so beautiful to take a walk outside in spite of the cold temperatures as the fairy lights
and the reflecting snow does brighten the night. And yet quite a lot people are starting to get stressed out by
what they are going to give for Christmas presents. Also almost of my beloved ones are indeed lucky and
own all the things they need. This year I decided not to get all crazy about the gifts or even buy something
that might end up at a shelf, never be at looked again. Instead I am taking a day off to create some gifts that
can be enjoyed and eaten, like backed almonds, pralines or a cream liqueur, as well as some small crafts. I
hope you all stay stress-free and get the chance to enjoy the beautiful Advent season. If you don't have a
Christmas market close by a freshly made traditional mulled wine may help. Here is my recipe:
Stir together a bottle of red wine (I prefer to use a dry one, any kind works though),
add apple and orange juice, cloves and cinnamon sticks. You can also add some star anise if you happen to
have them at home. There is no need to add sugar, as the apple juice is sweet enough. Just add as much
juice as you like, there is no limit. Don't let it boil, except if you want to reduce the amount of alcohol.
Otherwise just make sure it is getting hot enough to warm you up. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and a
slice of orange or lemon and enjoy!


  1. I need to stick this post somewhere to read it just before every x-max as I'm getting me very often sad when I don't find perfect x-mas gifts :-/ Finding some good things to eat, use and enjoy is just the best thing to give to grown up people who normally have "everything" :-)

    Thanks for sharing !! :)
    It untrue how you miss the snowy winter times when you don't have them :-( x-mas in 40 degree is just not the same ...

    1. I am glad inspiring you not to take part in that crazyness of shopping for Christmas.
      And lots of white Christmas are waiting for you once you move back to the northern hemisphere - as long as the impacts of climate change can be hold back. ;-)

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  3. Thanks for spoiling me with your mulled wine! I really enjoyed it! :-)